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Terms :

Eligibility   : User must be 18 years of age or older to visit or use  nkjobs.in .

The jobs in  nkjobs.in  are from Companies / Employers / Consultants

We are not related to any Consultancy / Company / Employer .We just give  the information of jobs only ,thinking that it is genuine.

people has to verify the genuinity of the job and consultant / Company  / Employer , before you deal. We won’t verify the details and genuinity of the job and consultant / Company  / Employer . Users  are sole responsible for any Loss or cheatings.

nkjobs.in   is not responsible for any loss of the user by  Companies / Employers / Consultants .

Don’t pay any money  to anybody  /  any job provider . Beware of Cheaters .

People has to verify the details , before they deal. We are not responsible  for the loss or cheating. We give you the information thinking that it is genuine . We give Information of the jobs  only ,which is available for nkjobs.in. In some cases we will give only cell number or phone number of the job provider , which we have . We are not giving you any guarantee to get the job , even if you pay small amounts for Correspondence charges.

We may send the resumes of the candidates , to the companies , if necessary.

We may not give  the complete  correspondence details of the company  , to the candidates in some cases.

Candidate is allowed to select only one job. It may be paid job or free job. If the job selected by the candidate , If the Vacancy is not available at that time , we send another available job of Candidate’s choice in nkjobs.in  , Only after verification. It may take Time. Candidate has to wait till the verification is over.

Please use only one Cell number for one registration , for all correspondences .

Those , who have registered    will have the validity of registration  for  3 days only, from the date of registration.Candidate is allowed to select only one job within the allowed time  even if you have registered . If selected job is not available in nkjobs.in , You have to wait till the the selected job is available for nkjobs.in  or they can select another Job ,  but candidate has to inform to nkjobs.in  on the same day of information received , otherwise registration automatically cancelled after 3 days from the date of registration. Again they have to Register for job.


We may publish  the Vacancy details of the employer in our websites ,  in our own  format .

If any thing found to be false or in genuine , nkjobs.in has the right to remove his all data from the records and stop all the services , at any stage  even though they had registered.

The information given by the  Companies / Employers / Consultants may be posted in our websites.

Collection of Personal information   :   nkjobs.in collects personally identifiable information like Names , Postal address  , Email address  etc.,and  Educational , Qualification  information  , only when voluntarily submitted by visitors .  We  share your personal information with other parties , Only when it is necessary to processes your transaction.

We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time , and at our sole discretion.